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Do you have a flair for getting people excited about the things you love? Do people come to you to hear about the next big thing? We’d love to hear your ideas on spreading the word about Buffering!

I’m not a marketer, but I have an idea

We still want to hear it. You don’t have to be expert.

I got an idea!

Great! Submit it by clicking the button below.

Wait, I’m not sure if my idea is good…

Oh, well, if you feel that way, here are some guides to make it better! Read through them. At this time we can’t offer any personal one-on-one consultations to help you. But good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!

How will you judge the ideas?

Buffies can improve the presentation of their ideas by using professional tools to clearly state the goals and benefits of an idea.

Here are some areas where it’ll help to give us more information?

Credibility. Did you see the idea work somewhere else? Do you have experience in PR, marketing, or branding? Have you tried the idea yourself?

Clarity. Choose the wording of your idea thoughtfully. Make sure every sentence is clear to any reader. Is the idea something you could easily explain to a grandparent?

Durability. What is strong about your idea? Have you tried disproving your idea? What are the potential pitfalls of your idea?

Big vs. Interesting. Don’t go too large with an idea. If we can’t create an idea, we probably won’t pick it. That doesn’t mean we want you to be unambitious. Try to create silly, whacky ideas. (We’re not above doing most anything‚Ķ)

If you have trouble figuring out information for these areas, don’t worry! We’d still love to hear the idea, and then we can worry about the execution. See more helpful links below to improve your idea before submitting to us!

What do I get if you accept my idea?

We’ll send you an Appreciation Pack. This pack includes a Buffstrong bracelet and a personalized, autographed poster. You will also be inducted into our list of Extraordinary Buffies.

Any confusing legal jargon?

By submitting ideas, you acknowledge that you’ve read and agree to the terms and conditions. Below are the main points, and these points are by no means the legally binding terms and conditions. Please read the full terms and conditions here.

* Any persons around the world 18-years-old or older may participate.
* If 560 Pixels, LLC accepts your idea, you grant us the exclusive, royalty-free license to your idea.
* Please do not submit ideas with copyrighted materials that you do not own.
* There is no cash prize or royalty given to participants whose ideas are accepted by 560 Pixels, LLC.
* Terms and conditions are subject to change.
* 560 Pixels, LLC is under no obligation to pick any ideas or reward any participants.