Tricia Chinnici

Production Design

5 interesting things everyone should know about you.

I’m married to the handsome co-writer/director/editor, Mike
I am the Creative Director of an adorable bakery in West Hollywood called Sweet E’s Bake Shop.
I sell graphic and paper designs on Etsy (Homemade Hullabaloo)
I like to bring cookies to set on shooting days
I can lick my elbow

5 things you could never live without.

My husband
My huge, amazing family
My cat, Princess Buttercup

Who inspires you to create?

My family and all of the other artists I’m blessed to know.

What is your favorite thing about the Buffies?

Y’all’s creativity seriously blows me away. I love looking at the fan art!

How do you think entertainment is changing?

Web series are the future! I haven’t paid for cable in over five years.

Favorite ice cream flavor?


Favorite memory from set?

I love being on set, but since I’m not there all of the time, my favorite memories are behind the scenes. Specifically: fitting Eric for the green screen suit in Episode 4, molding Stephanie’s face for the mannequin head in Episode 5, and fitting Dom for the body cast in Episode 5. I’ve had to do some weird things with their faces and bodies and they’ve all been such great sports.

Top 5 Musicians/Bands/TV Shows/Movies (anything you’d just like to list out)

Top 5 Reasons Why Buffering is the Best and You Should Tell Everyone You Know About It:
1. Best fans ever. Duh.
2. No one is making money off of this show, meaning that every single person is doing it because they love it.
3. The characters- Mike and Mike have worked closely with every actor to develop the most fun, interesting, dynamic characters in less than 25 minutes of screen time and only 5 episodes.
4. The production design is pretty awesome for such a low budget show, if I do say so myself. (It’s really a team effort!)
5. Our little Buffering family. Love these guys.