Stephanie Stuart

Cindy Kyle

Stephanie Stuart was born in Oklahoma, and then she moved to San Antonio, TX in 1998 where she found her absolute love of acting. As a kid she wrote plays and performed them with her friends and stuffed animals for her loved ones. Continuing acting through her life, she majored in theatre performance and directing in college, which propelled her move to L.A. to pursue her dreams alongside Eric Carroll and Mike Tobias. Her other loves include hers and Eric’s labrador Rooney, swimming in any temperature at any time (to the her friend’s grief,) reading, the outdoors, hiking, and playing games. Also she loves her Cookie (Eric) with all of her heart.

5 interesting things everyone should know about you.

– I’m a Marilyn Monroe impersonator

– I just became a Texas Hold ‘Em Dealer Doll

– I could swim everyday of my life and be perfectly happy

– I have pretty big feet for my height- so much so that a nickname of mine is “Stephsquatch”

– I’m a ridiculous nerd… For comic books, Star Trek AND Star Wars, Harry Potter and yes, Twilight.

5 things you could never live without.

Eric (he’s my bear)

Rooney Roo (he’s my baby bear)

Chapstick (not a bear, but still great)

Benadryl (I would literally die without it)

Cucumbers (I could live solely on them alone)

Who inspires you to act?

My brother, Charlie. He was the 1st person I ever told I wanted to act, and he never shot it down. He was 100% on board with the idea and has often been a driving force of encouragement in my career. When I was thinking about putting acting on the back burner and going after a “B” job 1st, he gave me a virtual smack down and asked me why the hell I was thinking. He’s an amazing filmmaker himself, and seeing his work inspires me to want to create work he would be proud of.

What is your favorite thing about the Buffies? 

The unconditional support. I’m overwhelmed by the fan art, the videos, the constant tweets of support- I didn’t expect this many fans, let alone this many awesome fans! We love our Buffies!

How do you think entertainment is changing?

I feel like there’s been a major push for stronger female roles lately. Even for younger actresses. Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain are great examples of very strong ladies in a male dominated industry, where women often take the backseat- it gives me more to look forward to also.

Favorite ice cream flavor? 

Mint Chocolate Chip… Yum!!!

Favorite memory from set?

Eric and I had a blast in the van. It was hilarious and something that with other people I probably wouldn’t be as comfortable with. It was hilarious! Also, Mike C. made sure I got out all my laughter with Roscoe before filming. So, when we actually filmed, I didn’t break too bad.

Top 5 Musicians/Bands/TV Shows/Movies (anything you’d just like to list out)

The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones

The Golden Girls (always loved this)

Dirty Dancing

Away We Go

Rachel Getting Married

Dark Knight

Batman ( my fave…yummy!)