Mike Chinnici

Director & Writer

I moved around a lot as a kid. My mom really got me and my brothers into theater and musicals. I lived in England when I was small! Then a lot of stuff happened, mainly Texas. I grew up loving punk rock, tried my hand at a couple of bands, failed out of college a couple of times. Went to New York, came back. Finished my college (I now have degrees in Radio, TV, Film and English), then was lucky enough to meet the love of my life, Mrs. Tricia Chinnici (I swear that wasn’t her last name when we met (If you see a picture of her you can tell, we totally look different)). She and I got hitched almost a year ago, and then went for broke and moved to LA to chase the dream of eventually making a living doing what we love. My wife first introduced me to Eric and Steph and Mikey almost five years ago. We’re neighbors now, and they have taken me into the Buffering fold. Thanks for making me a part of the team, and for being such great friends.