Malgosia Tolak

Kristen Parker

Originally from Poland, Malgosia immigrated to the United States with her family when she was a baby. Boston became her home and where she made her first moves as a professional actor. She began performing in theaters all over the New England area and very quickly started filming student and independent films. Malgosia is now residing and acting in the Los Angeles area. When not reading scripts or researching roles you can find her attempting to hike the canyons or keeping the ocean company.

5 things you could never live without. 



-Books (as the physical kind you can hold in your hand)


-Tina Fey

Who inspires you to act?

The great storytellers I have come across… Everything from Tina Fey, Meryl Streep, Ann Hathaway, Amy Pohler, Jim Carey to such amazing stories as Good Will Hunting, Avatar, Moonrise Kindom, Prometheus… I wish I could someday go toe to toe (opportunity and ability wise) with some of these guys.

What is your favorite thing about the Buffies? 

I love how much they support us… To the point of standing up very late to join us for the webcasts

How do you think entertainment is changing?

For better or for worse money tends to dictate what happens. With that said we are in a time period where budgets are tight which means although studios are not pumping out movie after movie or picking up pilots as they used to… There are still ways to produce good creative work. Majority of that work is internet based. I predict there will be even more content on the web in the future and producers will be much more interested in how cheaply you can make something than anything else. Great for the fans, not sure what this means for the people that are trying to make a living in this industry… But I guess only time will tell.