Kimberly Whalen

Misty Jones

5 interesting things everyone should know about you.

I am a classically trained singer.

I am extremely passionate about eating plant foods and holistic health.

I started acting because I was cast in a musical.

I am always hunting for the perfect vegan cupcake.

5 things you could never live without.

1: My Faith.

2: Family/Friends.

3: Healthy food options.

4: Lip balm.

5: My smart phone.

Who inspires you to act?

There are a ton of incredible actors that I watch who constantly inspire me to act, but I truly believe observing and meeting interesting people daily inspires me the most. I find myself wanting to tell their story by becoming them. Wow… being an actor sometimes sounds creepy. =)

What is your favorite thing about the Buffies?

How supportive and loving they all are. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to read positive reinforcement and feel supported as an artist on the Internet. People can be so cruel while sitting behind a computer screen. The Buffies are the biggest reason the Buffering team keeps creating.

How do you think entertainment is changing?

I find that the Internet is swiftly becoming a new, if not the new platform for tv and some film. The news of Netflix and other websites creating their own series feels like the beginning of a new era for entertainment. I am so excited Buffering is included in that.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Mint flavor coconut ice cream. It’s non dairy. =)

Favorite memory from set?

Coming up with all of the crazy ways for Misty to seduce Ben with my friends.

Top 5 Musicians/Bands/TV Shows/Movies (anything you’d just like to list out)

Lookbook: the series

A Winter Rose

Parks and Rec

Downton Abbey

Mad Men