Annie Sewell


5 interesting things everybody should know about me.

1) Until I was about 8, i wanted to be a pet photographer… I have no idea why, but this is what my ideal job was and I was obsessed with the idea. Until i realized that it wasn’t really a real job.
2) I was a diver from 8-16 and then I had to have knee surgery, which put me out of the sport, and then I changed to swimming. Pretty much anything in the water = I’m obsessed with.
3) I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life.
4) I’m a dual citizen! USA and Switzerland.
5) I was a teacher assistant in Thailand. I’m also semi obsessed with traveling and by semi obsessed with traveling, i mean if i don’t leave LA every 6 months, i go stir crazy.

5 things I could never live without.
1) music- there’s an app called 8tracks and it’s my life. I usually find a new band on that weekly.
2) my kindle.
3) my cameras. Still obsessed with photography- and I’m obsessed with film. I just got a Olympus Trip 35 MM and a Ricoh for my birthday.
4) COFFEE. I roast my own coffee beans….
5) My friends.. Cheesy. I know.

I’d say that Amy Poehler is my biggest inspiration. I’ve studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade, the improv school she founded, for about 2 years now. Improv is a huge love of mine.

I absolutely love the support and love I get from the buffies. They are so wonderful and kindhearted. It still surprises me to this day how lucky I am!

We’re in a day and age when everything is so in demand and we want everything NOW.. and i think that’s going to be the trend. Shows like House of Cards and soon, Hemlock Grove, on Netflix are probably going to be the “next life” of TV.

My favorite ice cream is by far hazelnut gelato.

I honestly don’t have one favorite memory. All of them are just amazing and wonderful.

I’m going to list music because music is a huge part of my life and a lot of people don’t realize that.. 5 of my (current) favorite bands/muscians are: The Neighbourhood, Rhye, Marcus Foster, The Shins.. my favorite band of all time is Jack’s Mannequin.