We are a passionate group of nerdy, film-loving, independent Los Angeles based artists creating an original comedic series about the world we THINK we know best: Hollywood.

We use all aspects of social media to tell our story…
We have created a community of loyal fans worldwide who celebrate the timeless tale of trying to make something out of nothing and being able to laugh about it every step of the way.

This is the story of Ben Little (Curt Mega), a guy who fell from being kinda famous to unbearably a nobody. To prove that he’s still talented, he’ll do what every ambitious actor does: make a web series. It’s not easy making a web series, especially when you’re broke, depressed, and uninspired. Luckily, he has some dysfunctional friends to ruin his flimsy plan. His roommate, Alex (Eric Carroll), is a famous actor on a show, Latter Day Saints, and Ben’s closest friend. Ben decides to cast his other friends Tim (Matt H. Zimmerman) and Darren (Chase Edmondson). Tim is a health-conscious nymphomaniac. Darren, on the other hand, is a broke artist who loves trendy, open-minded lifestyles. Reluctantly, Ben casts Alex’s ex, Cindy (Stephanie Stuart), a bipolar pyro, who is a gifted actress. Alex hopes the casting choice will help him win her back. Ben’s own heart longs for Kristen (Malgosia Tolak), Alex’s co-star. Our story is about a few people doing the best they can to put something together if only they can come together. Until then, everything’s buffering.

Why… Buffering?

You know that spinning indicator of death on a web video that lets you know it’s about to make your life hell as you sit and wait for something to happen?
Think of Buffering as your life. Stuck on pause. Waiting for it to load.

What is… Buffering?

We came together with an idea so meta, it’ll make your head spin: a web show within a web show. Sounds crazy. Sounds nerdy. Yep. It is.

Where we… began.

We started with NOTHING. Zilch. Nada.
A $0 budget and a crappy camera that we didn’t really know how to use.
BUT, we thought we were funny.
so did others…

Where we are…now.

In past the year of production, we’ve gained 4,000 loyal fans (we call ‘em Buffies), produced multiple fan-funded episodes and received over 75,000 views across our video channels! #BuffiesRule